ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO  * CONTEMPORARY ART * ART ABSTRAIT CONTEMPORAIN About the Artist Born in Valparaiso, Chile. His artistic creations take place in Guatemala,Spain (Barcelona) and the  United States. His works are found in important private collections in Spain,France,Switzerland,  Luxemburg,Belgium,Holland,Germany,United States of America, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia,  Costa Rica,at the Museum of Modern Art of Guatemala city, the FORMA Museum of Modern Art  of El Salvador, Didrichsen Museum of Modern Art of Helsinki,Finnland and in permanent  exhibition at the Vicepresidential Offices of Guatemala city and in several private collections and  galleries of said country.  His works have been commented in important art publications of Guatemala,magazines and public  forums. Regularly lectures on contemporary art in different cultural and educational institutions and  is part of the avantgarde group of abstract artists of Guatemala and Central America. Exhibits and  donates works for altruistic and benefic endeavours through serious and recognized non-profit  associations of Guatemala, specially compromised in underprivileged child health programs, human  rights,conservationist and ecological programs as also for the care and prevention of animal abuse.